This workshop is for Christian Woman who want to learn how to create a devotional, planner, or journal!


How To Create Beautiful Paper Products  from start to finish!


By The End Of This 40 Min Training You Will Be Able To 


Map Out The Printing Timeline + Process 


Understand the Costs Associated with Printing + How to Save $$


Learn My Four Step Process to Create + Launch Your Dream Paper Product 

Meet yout teacher

Hi, I'm Polly!

I started Horacio Printing back in 2014 and invented the Dream Planner™ to help me redesign my life.

Since then I have created and sold more than 45,000 bible studies, journals and planners.  

In this 40 minute workshop I will share my four step process with you! (in detail!) 

"Polly's support was an essential part of the launch of my God-Calling business. My customers are constantly telling me how luxurious and beautiful the finished product is --so much so that they are gifting them for others in their lives! "

Rosanna Giacalone, Founder My Magnus Opus 


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