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PALMS Prayers Journal by Sharon Potratz

Meet PALMS Prayers, a beautiful prayer journal created for you by creator, Sharon Potratz. This journal is designed to help the Christ follower prioritize and linger with God daily by giving an intentional format to follow that is adaptable and flexible. Purchasers obtain access to our playlist and videos that show how to use this journal.


 Capture The Chaos Planner by Brittnie Sturm

The Capture the Chaos planner was designed with the modern woman and business owner in mind. Created to help you embrace the messy in-between of living your life and running your business, this planner and workbook in one is exactly what you need to leave behind the scatterbrained version of yourself in favor of balance and rhythms.


My Daily Self Journal by Kathleen C.

Meet My Daily Self Journal! Created by Kathleen C., Founder of SOFT MINIMAL Wellness, this three-month journal was made for busy women on the move. It's your companion in making intentional self-care a priority, ensuring you're at your best before getting to life's demands.

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Lovely Home Planner by Evelyn

Meet the Lovely Home Planner. This beautiful hybrid planner & guided journal was created by Evelyn, founder of All Things Lovely Co. It is designed to help serve women who are wanting to feel more peace and less guilt in their mind, life & home. This is a 6-month, undated planner with two journaling prompts a week. Its purpose is to meet women where they are, help design healthy habits, and encourage feeling more grace and less guilt in their home.


The Restoring My Soul Journal by Pamela

The Restoring My Soul Journal will help guide you in beginning your day by focusing on the character traits of Jesus and releasing your worries to him. It’s for the Christian woman that is busy, anxious, tired and wanting to find refreshment through scripture and journaling. The journal allows to you pause, refocus, release worries, reflect, record praise, and pray.

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Inspired Travel Journal by Melissa R.

Meet the The Inspired Travel Journal – part travel planner, part scrapbook, part guided journal – beautifully designed for you to create the perfect keepsake, capturing and delighting in every detail of your journey. Each journal is dedicated to capturing the essence of a single adventure. Imagine building a whole library of Inspired Travel Journals to cherish forever!


Serenity Journal by Jayme

Introducing Serenity, a beautiful ivory linen journal created by Jayme Elizabeth, the founder of She Speaks Life. This journal is specially designed for women to help them realize that God is always present in every aspect of their lives. His Word strengthens their faith, creating a trust that He is dependable in every struggle and situation. The Serenity Journal is filled with pages that will welcome you into His perfect peace and help you understand that His promises are forever anchored in His unconditional love for you.

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Meet Bethany Kimsey

Creator of the Warrior Mama's Prayer Journal

A Warrior Mama’s Prayers journal: A Year of Praying Scripture For My Child offers a mother the opportunity to pray God’s promises and truths found in the Bible consistently and intentionally for their child. By journaling month by month, a mother sees what God is doing in her child’s life, the prayers He’s answering and the way He loves them. 30 days worth of precise topics cover everything from your child’s protection, spiritual growth, future, and character.

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Still Heart Spiritual Journal by Crissy Pimlott

Meet the Still Heart Spiritual Journal by Still Heart Hollow! This amazing journal invites women to commune with God through a chronological Bible-reading plan, journaling spaces, and organizational tools — all in one beautiful, interactive place.

Still Heart Hollow’s passion is to share the Gospel encouraging women to renew their mind through reading God’s living, breathing Word.


Move with Purpose Fitness Journal by Melissa B.

Meet the Move with Purpose Fitness Journal, a 12-week fitness journal designed to help you mindfully and consistently pursue and achieve your fitness goals.

Melissa created Mela Vie - MELA VIE is a lifestyle brand and community that empowers women to begin viewing and treating their bodies like the temple it is. We encourage each other to move daily, empower those around us, love ourselves and others, and affirm who God has called us to be.  


Getting Unstuck: A Processing Journal for Healing By Shavonne 


The Getting Unstuck, processing journal for healing is a loosely-guided journal designed to help you drown out the noise and lean into the quiet whispers of the Holy Spirit as you slow down and pour out everything that is in your heart and mind.     

This journal is a safe place for you to share your deepest pains and greatest joys on the road to becoming a more whole and healed version of yourself.


Five Smooth Stones
​A Financial Centering Journal by Amanda Neely

If you want to make progress with confidence, make money enjoyable, and get even more support and encouragement on your journey... then this is the most important money journal you'll ever purchase! Five Smooth Stones is an amazing new money journal that helps every high achiever to know your exact next step to achieve your financial goals.  

Amanda is a CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) and professional the host of Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast. 



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